Trade Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Tesla Shares at new prices with our Mini Markets



            Tesla joins our Mini-Market offering


We’ve made Tesla more accessible to trade by adding it to our ever-growing list of mini-markets. Now Tesla joins other top US stocks such as Amazon, Facebook and Apple as it’s now available to trade as a Mini Market

This means that our trading prices on major US corporations have never been so accessible

Whether it’s top tech like Netflix and Alphabet or household favourites like Walt Disney and Coca-Cola, we’ve brought down the initial margin requirements, and the market volatility.

What have we done? It’s simple really. We’ve established a new base level for companies in our US Mini-Markets by dividing their share price by 10. In financial terms, this is called ‘rebasing by a factor of 10’.

By rebasing each company’s share price this way, not only have we only reduced their initial margin requirement, but also their volatility, making them far more accessible for all traders. This gives you the opportunity to speculate on some of the world’s biggest and most high profile companies.

The table below gives some examples of the reductions you can expect when trading Tesla, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google Shares with us. You can view all our other Mini Markets via your trading platform: :

 Core AUS

Market Price Stake Margin*
Alphabet (Google) - Rolling 1516.85 1 11,376.38
Alphabet (Google) - Mini Rolling 1516.85 1 1,137.64
Amazon - Rolling 2961.97 1 22,214.78
Amazon - Mini Rolling 2961.97 1 2,221.48
Apple - Rolling 385.30 1 2,889.75
Apple - Mini Rolling 385.30 1 288.98
Facebook - Rolling 242.00 1 1,815.00
Facebook - Mini Rolling 242.00 1 181.50
Netflix Inc- Rolling 502.00 1 3,765.00
Netflix Inc - Mini Rolling 502.00 1 376.50
Tesla Inc - Rolling 1524.30 1 11,432.25
Tesla Inc - Mini Rolling 1524.30 1 1,143.23

*estimated margin per underlying currency